• "We are so excited to start using the TypeFocus - Find Your Match tool here at Humber! The TypeFocus team was amazing to work with and so receptive to helping us implement the tool for our new recruitment plan." Joy Borman: Manager, New Student Recruitment & Advising, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • "TypeFocus gave us an effective tool our prospective students used to help with their program choices. Our Find Your Match online quiz was a success, made possible with the expertise provided by TypeFocus. It was great to work with them!" Cindy Corah: Online Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Red Deer College


TypeFocus can support your recruitment efforts in additional ways:

TypeFocus Certification Program. This online, self-directed, and mentor-supported program is custom tailored to your reps needs. When recruitment reps or career advisors become Certified TypeFocus Practitioners, they become more confident and effective professionals. For example, when a recruitment rep calls a prospect, he or she can relate to that prospects personality preferences and therefore create instant rapport.

TypeFocus Careers Program. This flagship online career assessment program offers the ultimate in career advising tools so that the students you do recruit stay recruited. Every new student brings tens of thousands of dollars into your institutions cash flow and the same is true of every one of your current students saved from dropping out.

TypeFocus Consulting – get the most from all your recruitment and retention efforts with expert organization development assistance so different departments work in harmony with aligned goals and key performance indicators.