• "We are so excited to start using the TypeFocus - Find Your Match tool here at Humber! The TypeFocus team was amazing to work with and so receptive to helping us implement the tool for our new recruitment plan." Joy Borman: Manager, New Student Recruitment & Advising, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • "TypeFocus gave us an effective tool our prospective students used to help with their program choices. Our Find Your Match online quiz was a success, made possible with the expertise provided by TypeFocus. It was great to work with them!" Cindy Corah: Online Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Red Deer College

TypeFocus will make your recruitment numbers soar!

Students visit your campus with one question in mind: Will I get the education I need to succeed?

To answer this question, your visitors need to know what careers interest them. Many do not have a good idea and so they click around to see what programs jump out at them. It is a hit-or-miss process and often leaves visitors with no clear direction. The upshot is that they do not have the information they need to make a decision, so they leave and become what are known as SECRET SHOPPERS.

The TypeFocus program will entice these SECRET SHOPPERS to leave their contact information in trade for a first-class personality report. This report answers the question of what careers will fit their natural strengths. It is a simple quid pro quo and people are happy to make the trade.

All visitor contact information is captured so you wind up with a list of people who have visited your website, identified specific programs of interest and are expecting a follow-up call.